RULES FOR SENDING ABSTRACTS (previous Communications) Abstracts will be submitted through this website or by email to: Only oral communications or those in poster presentation format will be accepted. The same lead author can only submit a maximum of two communications. Abstracts must present original material of interest for cities. The abstract will be a maximum of 300 words in length and must respect the following structure: objectives, methods, results, discussion. The abstract should not include images or tables After the abstract has been sent, communication with the author will be through email used to present it. All the fields in the form for sending abstracts must be completed, including the following information: 1. Name of the first author, workplace and professional category. 2. Email address. 3. Title of the paper, written in capital letters and with a maximum of 50 words. 4. Body of the abstract structured following the structure: objectives, methods, results, discussion. All abstracts submitted will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee who will ultimately decide whether or not to accept the communication. The organizing committee reserves the right to select communications Papers not presented, for any reason, will not receive the presentation certificate.. At least the lead author must be registered for the congress in order to present the communication. NORMS FOR THE PRESENTATION OF COMMUNICATIONS Upon acceptance of the communication, our technical office will contact the lead author and communicate the date and time for its presentation. Submissions must be given to the audiovisual staff at least two hours before the presentation. The following formats will be accepted for presentations: PPT, PPTX and KEY (Mac).
The duration of the presentation will be 8 minutes + 2 minutes discussion. Due to schedule requirements, this presentation duration must be strictly observed. The Organizing Committee agrees to delete the presentation files provided by speakers and participants after the end of the congress. With the exception of justified cases, no communication may be presented using a computer that is not provided by the conference organization. TIPS ON ORAL PRESENTATION Considering the limited presentation time available, adhere to the aims of the communication, avoiding unnecessary introductions or recaps. Structure the communication and do not forget that the average Congress participant  has, at the very least, sufficient knowledge. Present the important data in the communication clearly and concisely. Remove anything of less substance so that attention is not distracted from the essential points of the communication. The duration of the presentation will be 8 minutes + 2 minutes discussion. Due to schedule requirements, this presentation duration must be strictly respected. Every minute is precious in a public presentation, so do not waste time on issues already known to most of the audience. The keys to a good communication are: a limited number of concepts, explained clearly and with a good structure. It is not easy to speak succinctly but well.   This is a difficult exercise of synthesis, but it is essential for good communication For any questions concerning submissions, please send an email to,
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