Upon become responsible for organizing the Second Congress, we wanted to recover the spirit with which Barcelona has worked in this field

for the past 30 years, recovering a participatory way of working in which citizens, businesses, institutions and means of communication all

have a place.

That is why we think that the Second Congress should be a tribute to the people of the city and such important figures for Barcelona as

Pasqual Maragall and Josep Maria Serra Martí, who, from the political positions they held, provided decisive leadership for this project, without

excluding anyone..

We would like everyone to have the opportunity to co-operate. We have prepared the sponsorship dossier of the Congress with the same

enthusiasm, energy and determination that led us to follow the guidelines of the Mayor of Barcelona during the 1992 Olympic Games.

Everybody has a space. Nobody should be excluded. By working together, this project became a reality, and now it is everyone's responsibility

to make it known to the world with the same spirit of co-operation. In the words of Maragall, once again we ask for the "complicity" of civic


A former mayor of Barcelona, Joan Clos, who played a leading role by proposing the First program of the Campaign for the protection and

improvement of the urban landscape to the Plenary Council, and who is therefore well aware of the project, is now in charge of the Habitat III

Agenda, which, for the first time, includes the urban landscape within the objectives of the New Urban Agenda adopted at the Habitat III

conference held in Quito in October 2016.

The Congress is committed to being an instrument to implement the resolutions of Habitat III in connection with the urban landscape.

Advertisement published in 1999 expressing thanks

Here you can find the rules for the competition of best practices that ICOUL 2017 is to promote. Our Congress is proud of the confidence Habitat III has shown in it,       
as an instrument for the practical implementation of the provisions of the New Urban Agenda in terms of the urban landscape.
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